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Crimsafe Security Screens Adelaide. Here at Max Security Doors & Screens we only install Crimsafe Security Screens Adelaide.


Why? That’s Easy To Answer:

  1. it’s simply the most effective security screen on the market, – by a mile
  2. It’s the only security screen partnered by Crime Stoppers
  3. We share the Crimsafe passion for reducing crime across Australia.
  4. It’s the only product we trust to use on our own homes.


To see and learn more about Crimsafe products in Adelaide – please click here to gain access to our Crimsafe Residential Brochure


What is Crimsafe Security Screens?

Crimsafe security screen is a stainless steel security mesh and frame system which is used to secure doors, windows and outdoor areas from intruders and unwanted guests.

From a distance, a Crimsafe screen typcially looks like a fly screen, however upclose it is a smart systematic and unpenetrable security door and window screen that will leave you and your family feeling safe day and night.


Crimsafe Security Screens Adelaide makes your home virtually impenetrable to thieves.

It also helps to keep your house cool in summer while keeping mosquitoes and other insect at bay, so you don’t have any itchy nights while at home and entertaining.


Crimsafe Screw-Clamp Technology

So what makes the Crimsafe system so effective?

Crimsafe mesh is sandwiched between two serrated pieces of aluminium that clamp the mesh tight.

One is an aluminium strip with a hook and the other is the frame that the strip hooks into.

All three are screwed together with stainless steel, tamper-resistant screws.

This combination mechanically fastens the mesh to the frame and creates a barrier that can’t be kicked in.

This system is internationally patented and unique.

Only Crimsafe features screws driven through both the clamp and the mesh and right into the frame on the other side, to provide incredible strength.

Crimsafe is the best, it’s proven.


Unbeatable Impact Resistance


The difference in impact resistance between a Crimsafe security screens Adelaide and an ordinary security mesh product is significant. Crimsafe Security Screens repel any physical assault from burglers of intruders. Check out the example video above and see for yourself. Don’t believe us? Come to our showroom and we will give a live demonstration of how all Crimsafe products work


High Resistance to Cutting


Our security screens also have excellent cutting resistance quality.


With Crimsafe screens you are safe to leave regular doors and windows open. You can keep a cool house in summer and enjoy fresh air all year round without compromising your security.


So Many Styles To Choose From


Crimsafe doors and windows come in many different frame styles and a full range of  colours, to match your home or business.


Emergency Escape Features


The Crimsafe Product range includes designs to let you escape quickly in an emergency. The Safe-S-Cape range of products is a keyless exit system for windows. Although effortless to open from the inside, they feature Crimsafe’s Screw-Clamp system plus a triple “anti-jemmy” system, which makes them just as hard to penetrate from the outside as all our other products.


Crimsafe Commercial Screens


Crimsafe Commercial systems include 5 times the number of tamper resistant screws along the Screw-Clamp drilled in a staggered fashion (one every 25mm), double the clamp-to-mesh contact area and an increased frame thickness by more than 60%. Combined, these features provide extra strength and holding the power to protect your business from human attack.


Max Security strongly recommend Crimsafe as the premium security door and screen product available in South Australia



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Crimsafe Security Doors are proven to be the safest and strongest on the market - Max Security

Crimsafe Security Screens Adelaide

Crimsafe Security Screens Adelaide

Max Security only use Crimsafe Mesh in their security doos



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